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Asani Warsha Sinhala Film - Part 01

Synopsis: Sanjaya Godakumbura who comes from a rich upper class family falls in love with a poor girl Renuka not of his social class. She is pregnant with his child when his mother intervenes, breaks up the relationship & send Sanjay aboard. The child Pradeep had grown up alienated and alone. His mother Renuka is now married and has another son. Pradeep drops out of school unable to bear the taunts of his schoolmates on his illegitimacy and gets sucked into a world of violence with a group of young delinquents. They are thugs who do the dirty work of a politician, a Minister of State, named Sirimanna. Meanwhile Pradeep continued to search for his father. Fortunately, Sanjaya has now returned to the country with a wife and two other children...

Channels: Sri Lankan Movies 

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Veena Bingu Veena - Karaoke 6 (4/13)

Veena Bingu Veena - Karaoke 6 (4/13)

Channels: Sri Lankan Karaoke 

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