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Huawei P10 EMUI 5.1 Tips and Tricks

Huawei P10 EMUI 5.1 Tips and Tricks

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Angelo Mathews' super save

Angelo Mathews's spectacular six-saving move against the West Indies in a World Twenty20 match has been deemed legal by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), the guardian of cricket's laws, who said it was "good for cricket". Mathews was on the wide long-on boundary Trent Bridge on Wednesday when Ramnaresh Sarwan lofted a Ajantha Mendis delivery towards him. He caught the ball inside the ropes before, realising his momentum would take him over the boundary, he flung the ball in the air. Mathews's foot then went over the boundary and, seeing the ball was about to land over the rope and so go for a six, jumped up and hit it into play. After watching several replays, third umpire Ian Gould informed on-field officials Billy Bowden and Simon Taufel that three runs only had been scored. "The MCC Laws sub-committee had recently discussed fielding such as this and felt that such brilliant and quick-thinking acts should not be outlawed," said MCC assistant secretary John Stephenson said Thursday. "MCC is happy with the Law as it is written and occurrences such as the one yesterday, while extremely rare, are good for the game of cricket as a whole. It is also pleasing that two of the committee's members were involved in making the correct decision on the field of play." Mathews's move was deemed to have prevented a six as Law 19.3 states that a boundary will be scored when "the ball touches the boundary, or is grounded beyond the boundary or a fielder, with some part of his person in contact with the ball, touches the boundary or has some part of his person grounded beyond the boundary."

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